Estimates are that almost 80% of American small business with W-2 employees are eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Furthermore, only a fraction of those businesses has claimed their ERC refund.

The ERC program is not for sole proprietorships or for businesses that have more than 500 employees.

There are numerous ways for business to be eligible for this tax credit refund including: a reduction in revenue; government ordered shutdown (partial / full); supply chain issued based on governmental order.

In fact, there are sixteen (16) different ways that a business may qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Simply fill out our survey (Link to the Survey form) and we will contact you about your ERTC refund within 24 hours. We believe a streamlined and confidential ERC process like Retention Credit Help supplies is important because your business deserves every available employee credit. You work hard. Let us work hard for your Employee Retention Credit.

Our company also has a financing program for those businesses that cannot wait for their ERC disbursement. We know it’s tough out there. Inflation is soaring and businesses are battling with labor shortage and supply chain issues. That is why Retention Credit Help created the “Already Approved ERC” financing option.

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